6 Mistakes people often make when wearing their bags


Bags today have become the familiar fashion items for both men and women. However, have you ever wondered the bad habits that most individuals often get when wearing their bags? Or even the limitations for health that bags bring to you?

Digging deeper into the problems, there are lots of habits which affected directly to your health when using the bags. To illustrate, handbags which are too heavy and used in the wrong way can cause serious injuries to different parts of the body including headaches, neck or shoulder pains.

6 Mistakes people often make when wearing their bags

Let’s take a glance at some bad habits below to see whether you have caught in these situations.

1. Wear heavy bag on one side

According to the American Chiropractic Association, your bags should be weighted no more than 10% of your body weight. The reason is because wearing bags with heavier weight on one side of the body not only create pain on the back, but also your shoulder. In addition, heavy bags such as the laptop bags or some best diaper bags for men can even cause headaches.

On the other hand, Dr. Karen Erickson said: “Bringing too many stuffs will create too much pressure on the trapezius muscle in the shoulder. For worst, it also has huge impact on the nerves which go up behind the skull.

As a result, this is the main cause for people who often hurt some muscular parts and half of their brain. For those who often wear the bags when walking, you should frequently change the positions of handbags for both sides to keep balanced and comfortable.

2. Choose bags with thin straps

There are some types of bag which are designed with the thin straps; therefore, if individuals bring to many things at this moment, the straps are more likely to stretch into the shoulder muscles and cause the pain. Especially, metal wire tends to make the pain become worst.

2. Choose bags with thin straps

“If you’re going out with a thin strap handbag, you can pull the bag followed the towards direction.” – Advice from Dr. Erickson. Moreover, thick straps are designed to offer better function on distributing the weight.

3. Wearing a backpack which is too low

When individuals decide to use the backpacks to evenly distribute the weight, make sure you wear it properly.

  • First, you need to use both straps when wearing the backpack instead of one strap. This will help prevent your shoulder from serious pain as well as damage your natural posture.
  • To prevent wearing the backpack at the low position, ideally you let it locate in the lower part of the rib cage, rather than the waist to hip bone.

4. Bring along too many essentials

People often have the habit of bringing too many items when going outside, especially women and girls. For ladies, having a best shoulder bag is ideal for storing all the makeup tools. In contrast, men find this is the ideal place to bring along the sunglasses, car keys or even a bottle of mineral water.

However, you should stop this habit and remove unnecessary items inside the bags. The reason is because wearing a heavy bag can make your neck become incline, this leads to the risk of taking bone deflected. As a result, this symptom directly affects the spine, long-term can lead to arthritis.

On the other hand, avoid using a bag for different purposes since it will increase the weight you have to carry with you. The best solution is that individuals should prepare different bags for multiple purposes during the daily life.

5. Bring along the sharp items

To fulfill the working habits or personal needs, some people often bring along the sharp items including scissors, paper knives or even the spike earrings. In fact, these objects bring higher risks for damaging the part of your body.

5. Bring along the sharp items

When carrying and moving the bags around, individuals may cut into themselves that are vulnerable to lead to serious infection.

In addition, one more reason that individuals should put sharp items in their bags is because those things can damage the quality as well as the performance of the bags. Accidentally, sometimes the scissors or knifes can create a tear which make individuals lose their own money and personal things.

6. Bring towels inside the bag

Handbag is an ideal place for you store different types of cash and money. However, the characteristics of cotton currency is the hygroscopic and the absorption of high bacteria. As a result, money is considered as the main reason for stimulating the growth of bacteria inside the bag.

The habit of storing cotton money and wet towels together is not highly regarded by most professionals. To illustrate, bacteria can easily spread to the tissue which stimulate the growth of pimple or respiratory diseases.

After reading this article, what do you think? We sure that have caught in those mistakes at least one time right? So from this moment, it is better that individuals change their behavior to protect the health as well as the quality of their backpack for men in the daily life. And don’t forget to share with friends and members in the family to maintain the quality of their property as well.


  1. From a woman that more often than not carrying a huge, heavy bag, this was a welcomed reminder. I do NOT want arthritis in my mid-twenties!!


  2. wow this is so insightful! I definitely need to stop always carrying my heavy day bag on the same arm to save my back some pain! and thank god I avoid thin straps-ouch!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra