9 Eye-catching designs to refresh your old wallets


In fact, every man has his own style and this also features the personal characteristic of one individual. As well as outfits or other accessories, sometimes just by looking at one leather wallet, you can guess the fashionable style of this one. There are people who choose the wallet because it is compact and brings the fortune. In contrast, others base on the handy eye-catching design.

A wallet can be considered as the pride or tedious when men choose to purchase for their own style. So why do not try something different to have one interesting and amazing design of wallet which is better than before. Let’s take a look at this list contains 14 types of exotic leather wallet in the fashion market and don’t forget to tell us your favorite one.

Timo Wallets

Timo-WalletsFor those who want to refresh the old leather wallet with something new, then we sure you will want to know more about those Timo wallets. It would bring the modern and compact design goes along with premium quality of soy- ink and post-consumer vinyl.

In term of design, those are the wallets quickly get famous by using innovative designs and striking patterns on the surface. Apart from recycled paper and colorful ink to create the impression, there is one micro-badged in blue to highlight the eco-friendly towards environments.

Dynomighty Designs – Mighty Wallets

Dynomighty-Designs-Mighty-WalletsWe have seen a number of styling product such as an envelope, but none of them reveal the unique personality as Mighty wallet. According to the manufacturer and designers of Mighty wallet, the inspiration for those comes from envelope design, cash and places around the country.

Made of durable and water-resistant of Tyvek (the premium material used for Express Mail envelopes). On the other hand, Mighty Wallets received lots of compliments from customers for the eye-catching performance but still maintains capacity when using. Although designed with the small size, it still offers slots for you to store cash and even up to 15 credit cards.

Resist Today Wallets

Resist Today wallet is considered as a great work of art inspired by nature and the human body. By applying the creativity on the color and shape of wallet, this is the unique product and you cannot find another one designed similarly.

Resist-Today-WalletsThis collection can be quite expensive compared to normal wallets in the market. However, don’t hesitate to invest in when you can afford the price, you will be absolutely proud when owning one unique and impressive wallet. If you don’t mind using wallet with similar design to others, why don’t take a look at other designs in the collection of Resist Today.

Dosh Wallets

Dosh-WalletsIn Australia, when mentioning about money, people often call “Dosh” rather than cash. Previously, people used to have a struggle life in the past so it is not easy to own one expensive and premium wallet from the famous brand.

However, with the development in economy and the career of citizens, people now can afford to buy wallet, even different types to meet their purposes. These products are capable in offering waterproof and fight against many other destructive substance. With the designed as some awesome money clip wallets for men, this is a great product for those who want to get rid of moisture and stains.

AMO wallets

AMO-walletsThose AMO wallets were made of apricot fabric and rivets to express the unique and elegant style for each individual. When taking a look at this, modern men will be attracted by the bold masculine patterns such as pinstripes and plaid

In term of design, those AMO wallets have slots for memory cards, documents, folded bills and even some removable compartment for cash. We sure you will be satisfied when seeing the fabrics come along with striking, elegant style combined with plaid classic colors such as navy blue, black and gray.

Narwhal Co. Wallets

Narwhal Co. provides various slim wallets for modern men but still ensures the unique fashionable style for each individuals. Each bring their wallet with bold colors, but still very easy to combine fashion items and many different styles.

Narwhal-Co-WalletsFollow the minimal design, we sure this brand will satisfy both men and women, even people who have the desired taste of fashion. Also to promote the eco-friendly and recycled materials, the name of Narwhal Co. Wallets is based some an endangered species of horned whales

Poketo Wallets

Poketo-WalletsPoketo Wallets introduce a skillful work of incredible art that you can bring along convenient wherever you go. Each wallet is a difference creativity in terms of expressiion and imagination of handcrafters and designers.

If you are the fan of illustrative art or creative patterns, don’t miss out those awesome wallets. Take a deeper lok, every detail inside will also reveals the art symbols associated with the external form of the wallet. And for those who want to know more about the designers or artist, there is one brief biography printed on the interior performance.

Moxie & Oliver

Moxie-&-OliverFor Asian, they prefer the wallet which plain patterns on the exterior design to reveal the elegance. In contrast, when the skin is too smooth, classical Western and will be disappointed which make them do not want to buy the product. Fortunately, all the creative designers from Moxie & Oliver always put their effort to bring some traditional leather products.

Not just this, they also created the original format of wallet and even more eye-catching design sold in the market. All the processes including cutting, sewing, building products, stitching is done carefully to provide customers a traditional wallet which will last for a lifetime.

Db clay Wallets

Through the name, you will also guess about the material for making those wallets, won’t you? In fact, each DB Clay wallet is a stunning work of art that shows the image of a personal story. Through this collection of wallet, you can find something related to your personal life or appreciate the art in the new perspectives.

With attractive designs to choose from, they can be the logical choice for you.
With attractive designs to choose from, they can be the logical choice for you.

Have you get bored with the normal designs of wallet sold at store or premium showroom? Then don’t forget to look at some refreshing designs above. These wallets are produced from famous brands around the world. They not only comes with eye-catching designs, but also the suitable materials to secure your essentials to the very best stage.