How can shoes tell about women personality?


In fact, most men do not try their best to understand clearly about the profound relationship between one woman and her shoes. This is fair because you can not force someone to understand stuff which is not matter to their life. However, for those who are finding the personal stories or characteristic about their desired girl, we sure all of you may want to look at her feet from the beginning.

According to some researchers, shoes are considered as the elements which highlight intensely about information of one individual. Since there are different types of shoes and designs to combine with various outfits, then the women can base on those things to reveal her personal attitude. For instance, you will know the behavior, her fashionable style, whether she is extrovert or introvert.

How-can-shoes-tell-about-women-personalityTo know more about your admired girl, reading this article is not a waste of time. Here are three basic characteristics one guy can guess from his girl just by glancing at the shoes.

Digging deeper to the problem, there are lots of scientists who have spent time researching about this fact. Based on one research from the University of Kansas, we can guess about the personal information about one stranger. Just base on the pair of shoes they wear mostly during daily activities, science can get to know the behavior, fashionable style as well as the emotional stage.

For instance, people who love to wear sneakers and compact shoes are mostly friendly and agreeable towards others. In contrast, women and girls wear boots almost everyday have the desire to show off their gaits, but they prefer being alone rather than playing in the group of friend.

The stage of confidence

As mentioned, the style of shoes can reveal your confident stage, whether you are arrogant or look a little bit down to the earth. When conducting one research, there is a great number of women who love high-heel shoes design for women from Dream Pairs brand reveal that they still feel confident when naking compared with those wearing closed-toe heels.

In fact, some men tend to predict about their admired girls or women just by glancing at the feet. Does she take care of her shoes? Her feet with clean pedicure or not?

The-stage-of-confidenceOtherwise, there are some women often appear wearing wedge or low heel shoes. In fact, high heel shoes would be the best choice since they highlight the great form of your feet and improve your gaits when walking. Therefore, people who choose to wear wedge or low heel are experiencing the insecure or uncomfortable feeling.

The shorter and wider your shoes come up with, the more insecure you will have to experience.

The type of personality

When mentioning about the shoes, design is one basic element which catches attention from customers and even though who has been asked about choosing the shoes for their own and for their love ones.

1. Flat shoes

We sure everyone can guess this fact when seeing one girl wearing her flat shoes or boots. With the fact that those shoes bring comfortable feeling when wearing, we can see that this girl put comfortable sense above the fashionable style.

But don’t think they are just comfortable. Nowadays, the manufacturer also refreshes their mind to fulfill the needs of individuals in this fashionable world.  Just take a look at those 8 Best Yellow Box Shoes and Sandals for women, individuals can experience the pure, feminine sense that catches the attention of surrounding people

2. Flip flops

Similar to the flat shoes, flip flop would be the ideal choice for girls to are too laid-back. All her thoughts are just find something comfortable to wear and enable her to make various movement even when walking on the rough terrains.

3. Sneakers

Different from two styles above, sneakers always symbolize the active and willing to take part in activities in term of meaning. This girl may wear the sneakers when going to work or to the fitness centers, but at least she also prepare for taking action.

Not just the design and style, the color tone of shoes also has a huge impact on the behavior as well as personality of women and girls.


  • According to Lieberman, girls choose the bright tones of color for her shoes tend to love her life, willing to take risk. In addition, they rather spend time hanging outdoor with friends rather than stay at home.
  • However, when seeing girl wearing the shoes in pink or neon yellow pump, we sure that this girl seeks for high maintenance and durability for her products.

Building her unique personality

When looking at one pair of shoes, some people can guess the price? Do thoe shoes look like they are 50$ or 500$? Not just the spirit and comfortable feeling, the value of shoes has a huge impact to make it stand out when combining with your outfit. Generally, value will also make you become more confident.

  • If your girls love to wear closed-toe shoes when going to work, it not only means she is a conservative person, but also reveals that this girl values her career alot.

On the other hand, “expensiveness” is also one strong element when conducting the research about women personality. As a result, people who love freedom are more likely to wear cheap shoes compared to those who are conservative.

We sure after reading to this part, most of the guys are thinking about how they can deal with when meeting one girl with luxurious accessories, don’t you? Although those girls tend to have more demand in purchasing and taking care of their outfit, they can afford the price fortunately.

When getting the three basic characteristics we can guess when glancing at the shoes of girls, have you found out the behavior and attitude of your girls? If you have, do not forget to share with us your stories. If don’t, would probably one useful site when offering the recommendations about shoes for both women and men, tips for purchasing and we also suggest elegant design while you can take a look.