How to clean your premium Michael Kors bags?


Take advantages of the urban fashion style, Michael Kors has been famous as the brand which offers luxury and splendor products. Get to know more, Michael Kors brand has been established by designer named Michael Kors. This brand produces different types of fashionable product that individuals can combine with their daily outfits including shoes, watches or some best handbags for women to use in special events.

Michael Kors brand gives women different choices in size, design and material of the bag. Since owning any products from Michael Kors requires individuals to invest a great amount of money, so the owners always want their bag maintain like new for years.

How to clean your premium Michael Kors bags

In this article, you can get to know more ways for cleaning your Michael Kors handbags to make them look like new.

Bags made of premium leather

Leather bag is not suitable for humid environments, especially when it is being dipped in water. There are different types of liquid that individuals can consider when their bags are contaminated.

  • If your bag somehow contaminated liquids such as drinks or rain water, you need to make it dry immediately using a paper towel or soft cloth. This helps prevent skin waterproof bags from appearing the stains.
  • Sweat and makeup items can also contaminate the skin, so they are also the main reason for causing permanent stains. Check the bag regularly to make sure there is no stain from the reasons above.

When find out the ink stains, sweat, and makeup, you just need to use soft cloth and gently rub with cleansing cream used for leather bag. Just make circular and gentle movements on the surface. After that, check as if there was any stains or not. If yes, apply this process again.

Cleansing cream for leather bags

Cleansing cream for leather bags

According to some professionals, it is highly regarded that individuals use the cleansing cream for leather handbags regularly. Interestingly, this cream can be wiped for cleaning the stain that accumulates and damages the leather of the bag.

If you are using the real leather, then it can become dry and cracked after using for such a long time. Let apply the skin cream which is created exclusively for leather. To illustrate, this cream can reconstruct the structure of the skin. After using, the skin will become soft and resist cracking. For those who want to purchase this product, you can ask to buy the cream on the brand’s site from American Michael Kors.

Bags made of soft fabrics

With handbag made of fabric materials, individuals just completely rinse them with cold water. This is the most important thing for protecting the quality as well as performance of the bags.

Bags made of soft fabrics

  1. Before cleaning your bag, upside down the bag
  1. Then clean it with just a small amount of detergent.
  1. For those who are using the laundry machine, you can clean with the mild cleaning mode, then dry the bag with your drying device. Try to remember that just set the lowest stage of power when washing your machine.

If your bag is made of both leather and premium fabrics. Then, you can apply the method above for cleaning the leather part. Washing your fabric parts by hand, then dried naturally.

Bags made of suede material

Bags made of suede material

Suede material requires individuals to use a special brush for suede (you can see picture above). If the bag is waterproof or has some gum or stains, use a clean cloth and patting on the exterior design. Do not rub the surface because the stain is more likely to extend deeper. Pat until the wet on the bag slowly absorb through the cleaning cloth.

  • On the other hand, you can use a brush to remove the dirt and dust on the bag.
  • Brush in the opposite direction of the tiny hairs on the surface of the skin bag.

Then use a clean cloth for lightly rubbing the surface of the bag and brush the hairs are like the original. It is suggested that individuals should do this regularly, not just for the bags from Michael Kors, but even your favorite leather bags.

Clean the compartments inside the bag

For women and girls who often bring long items such as cosmetics makeup, lipstick, candy, the bags are more likely to appear stains or smudges after a long time. Cleaning the inside of the bag is also equally important.

  1. At first, individuals need to take out all the essentials and check out whether the bags have stain or note. If yes, you’d use a clean towel to dab waterproof stain until the stain is no longer on the bag again.
  1. After that, using a clean towel to wipe the inside and outside of the bags. Note, please open the bag to steam mouth so that those stains spot can evaporate. If possible you should invert the bag design to wash it easier.

Among various brands of bag, Michael Kors is famous for offering the high quality and catchy design accessories. Therefore, when purchasing the bags, especially some leather or premium fabrics, individuals should understand the proper ways for maintaining the quality of their bags. Besides, knowing how to choose the branded bags is needed to be kept in mind for having a precious one.


  1. I did actually buy that cleaning product from Michael Kors and I think it did a good job of protecting my bag. I can say though once you bag is dirty… it’s dirty. It’s so hard to clean.

    Heba xx || The Heba