How to maintain the quality of your bags?


Have you known the method for maintaining the quality of your bags? With those simple tips, this article will help lend a hand in protecting the quality as well as the performance of your daily handbags for different occasions.

Nowadays, individuals can comfortably splash out a great amount of money on a branded bag rather than other accessories. Moreover, most of them tend to say that: “I can use these expensive bags for years.” But have individuals understood the proper method for protecting the quality for this kind of expensive accessories?

How to maintain the quality of your bagsWith a few simple tips below, they can help ensure the quality and performance of your bag in perfect condition throughout the years. If you have known those tips, then you are a careful person in protecting your stuffs. For those who have not known, try not to miss out these precious information!

1. Protect the materials

Commonly, individuals often have their bags dirty and covered with dust. The reason is because all of us have to bring along the bags outside the house to the workplace every day.

You want to prevent the bag from being wired and dirty with dust? Refresh the bag with a wet piece of cotton cloth that contains the protective liquid. And don’t forget to wipe off the bag with a dry cloth to polish its exterior materials.

If that’s the bag you love to use, it is highly regarded that individuals pay closer attention by maintaining and protecting the materials with specialized liquid. You should also remember to try a small amount of protective detergent onto the bag before using. This will help individuals know whether this liquid can make the color fade away or not.

2. Pay the proper protection

Have you ever thrown or struck those expensive bags indiscriminately into the bottom of the closet when they are not in used? This behavior is not regarded for those who want to protect the quality of their expensive bags.

  • In fact, bags will last longer if people store properly or even cover them in a dust-proof bag or a cotton wrap.
  • Do not leave them in the bag with plastic or vinyl material, because moisture will be stored inside after just a short period of time. As a result, humid moisture can stimulate the growth of bacteria and mold which can damage the materials.
  • When storing, bags can be stored with stuffs such as scarf, sweater, or tissues that do not contain acid liquid. If you willing to invest in things for storing the bags, use a dedicated storage bags to have better results.
  • For long-term storage, individuals should avoid making the bag’s straps overlap onto each other. For bags which are designed with the removable straps, you can take out those straps and store them in the dedicated storage bags.

2. Pay the proper protection

3. Remove the stains properly

Having the bags full of stains is the common things individuals will come up with when using bags, especially the expensive bags made of premium materials. At first, you need to realize the kind of stain we are faced with, then you can find the right ways to solve them.

Here are some common types of dirt and stain. We also reveal the solution for individuals to get rid of this problem:

  • Stains caused by food: You can sprinkle the talcum powder used for small children on the stain and leave those bags throughout the night. On the next morning, wipe off the materials with clean piece of cloth.
  • Grease stains: Immediately sprinkle with cornstarch onto the stain. Try to rub the cornstarch to generate the heat. As a result, this amount of oil will be absorbed into cornmeal. Wipe the stain away with a clean towel after you have moved out of flour, try not to leftover stains on any corner of the bags
  • Ink stains: If the ink is still wet, use a white eraser and immediately cleanse the stain. However, individuals should not cleanse so hard which can make the color fade away from the exterior materials. If the ink has dried and absorbed into the fabric, then this is time for you to bring the bags to the manufacturers.
  • Stains caused by water or fluids: It does not matter whether this is water or liquid absorbent, let those expensive bags dry in a natural way and take your bags to the repairman for cleansing all the stains
  • Deodorant: For salt blooming (also known as baking soda) in a plastic bag and then put them in your pocket. Store the bag in the dry and ventilated area. After a few days, the salts tend to absorb any odors remain inside the bags

3. Remove the stains properlyAnother way? Leaving few absorbent paper (known as the DRYER sheet) into the bag and leave within a few days.

4. Protect every compartment of the bag

For most girls and women, their habit is to bring lots of skincare and cosmetics inside the bags. This is not a bad habit. However, those liquids tend to damage the materials when being poured out.

It is better to store the cosmetic and liquid in a small pouch to avoid wiring and pouring inside the bag. On the other hand, it also helps individuals organize their stuffs tidily. Pens with closure are highly regarded compared to the ballpoint pens. If you are a careful person, you should also remove the pen into a small bag to prevent ink from pouring out.

5. Keep the detailed metal shiny and sparkle

In fact, those metal details are the important part of the bag since they help emphasize and enhance the quality. Try to avoid storing jewelry or zippers which may scratch the metal parts in your pocket.

Try not to use the bags with metallic details during the rainy season. In addition, also avoid keep them closer to different types of acidic liquid. If the details are dull, tarnished or dirty, use a dedicated detergent for cleaning and making them shiny again.

5. Keep the detailed metal shiny and sparkle

6. Bring to a repairman bag when having problems are difficult to solve

For stains or frayed that you find it hard to solve the problems, take your bags to the manufacturers or have one professional repairman fix them. Most experts who are good in fixing the shoes also take a look on your bags as well. They will help you with the problem by cleaning and returning the bags to their original colors.

If your bag does not have metal lining at the bottom, you should put a layer because this layer will protect the bag from scratches and dirt during the using time.

A few notes to help maintain the quality of those expensive bags

  • Avoid holding your hand into the bag when your hands are full of dirt or cream / lotion
  • Avoid placing your bags under the direct sunshine.
  • For those who have lots of bags, try to use them alternatively to limit the appearance of stains and mold
  • Use the brush or soft piece of cloth for cleaning and refreshing the skin and exterior materials
  • Use of moisturizers for protecting and keep the materials sparkle
  • Clean those expensive bags with a soft cloth regularly

After all, most individuals have known the way for cleaning their bags with soft cloth. However, there are still more tips to cleanse and bring a new appearance to those expensive bags. With bags made of premium materials, it is better that you pay regular attention to keep them shining and sparkling day by day.