How to pick up the proper bags for men?


Whether designed for the purpose of bringing along more items or just simply to contribute to improve the overall outfit, bags are also gradually becoming some indispensable elements in the outfit collections of most men nowadays.

These days, the fashionable trend for men starts to grow strong and diversify into various categories including the watches, clothes and other accessories, especially handbags for men. In the past, women are often known to have lots of accessories for beautifying their appearance, now men also depend on those stuffs for revealing the masculinity and gentlemen as well.

How to pick up the proper bags for menFor those who are reading this article, our website would like to make suggestions to help you find it easier to select handbags that best suit each situation without sacrificing the fashionable trend towards surrounding people.

Masculine tote bag

Thanks to the wide and portable design, tote bags look a lot like the handbags for women to bring along their essentials. However, this is a masculine accessory which is suitable for men as well. With the perfect combination between canvas and premium leather, those types of bag are designed for men who love the vintage style. Other while, bags which have been made entirely of leather are the handy items for cool guy.

Masculine tote bagTote bag is often designed with huge capacity, but individuals should try not to bring lots of thing that make the bag become heavy and lose it original shape.

With those tote bag, avoid carrying the bags by wearing them on your shoulder. Of course, the personality of this beauty tote bag is only suitable for street style.

Fashionable backpack

In fact, backpack no longer stays as an exclusive accessory towards the students or young teenagers. However, the backpack comes with various designs to meet the needs of individuals. In addition, those bags are also exquisite in both substance and style.

Fashionable backpackFor people who have not known, this is the most visible item combination of usability and aesthetic element.

Understand the new trend, lots of fashion brands have begun to pay attention to this kind of accessories and start to announce catchy collections every year. You can bring along your backpack to events which are not too formal. Do not wear a suit when bringing along your backpack as it will emphasize and create various wrinkles on the shirt shoulder padding.

Stylish messenger bags

Just as formal clothes have become more comfortable and fashionable in recent years, then the leather briefcase is no longer packaged in rectangular design, fine lace with the boring color as black and white. In contrast, these messenger bags have been transformed impressed with textures, catchy colors and metallic details which help make them stand out among others.

Stylish messenger bagsLining leather for the exterior performance is one of the biggest trends of this season. This type of material has been utilize by lots of brands such as Bottega Veneta, Thom Browne, Balenciaga and Berluti.

There is one tip for you is that once you have chosen a leather briefcase with catchy motifs, then it’s best to combine with casual clothes and simple colors.

Folio bag

Folio bag has just appeared in the past few years. However, this bag is quickly becoming a hot item for the modern men who are energetic and often carry around a few essential items.

Folio bag

For people who have not understood, small stuffs such as keys, wallet, smart phone and other small items can damage the detailed stitches of outfits. Besides that, bringing along the tote bag, backpack, or briefcase for carrying your document would be too big. In this case, having a folio bag is the ideal choice.


As result, just invest in a product made from beautiful and premium fabrics and you will realize that it is not a waste of money. Unlike T-shirt, jeans or shoes, a good bag can be used for many years and it even increase the value over time. If you have paid enough maintenance, you can find it easier