The interesting history of women high heel shoes


In the past, high heel is not known as one important accessory for women and girls. It seems to be one thing which allow individuals to walk high above excessively filthy streets. However, nowadays, you can find at least one pair of high heel or pump in every woman closet. In addition, some do not hesitate to collect shoes as the huge collection with various designs, styles and colors to mix perfectly with their daily outfit.

However, wearing shoes especially high heel does not mean that people will have a deep understanding about this accessory. Until now, history still has not known who was the inventor for the high heel shoes and the time they were appeared in the market. But there are a lot of interesting stories that you should know about the stuff you are wearing everyday.

The-interesting-history-of-women-high-heel-shoesAccessories only for “the aristocracy”

According to a lot of archaeological studies, the heels had appeared since the culture of ancient Egypt, which means that was born in about 3500 BC. But like other inventions of the human being, the heels went through up and down period, even there are the times we can experience the existence and disappearance of those accessories.

Only in the 16th century, in 1533, the heels had just turned into a new page with an anecdote during their lifetime.

In that year, Catherine de Medicis, an aristocratic lady who was about to marry King Henry II of France. Not only because this woman is small with limited height, but also to create a balance between the queen and the king, the future queen of France had had footwear craftsmen make one pair of high heel shoes with the heel measured roughly 4.5 cm.

Accessories-only-for-the-aristocracyThe brave thought of this famous dynasty has led the French and Europe in general, get “crazy” in the seductive moves created by those shoes. Also from this period of time, people have made class distinctions between people in the society. Just women who from royal family and have a lot of money have the right to wear high heels.

Maybe those heels cannot help Catherine de Medicis keep the heart of this amorous king. But surely, women and the accessories industry must always thank her for the great thinking that lead to new generation of accessory for the whole world today.

The powerful story from England country

Not yet, high heels also linked its history with another woman, the poweful Victoria Queen of England. Based on the stories of people, courtiers at this time have come up with many ways, especially creating the own pair of high heel shoes for this queen. This not only promotes the height, but enhances the respect among people.

Like the story happended with Medicis queen, immediately, the queen's heels create an enormous effect in the British monarch.
Like the story happended with Medicis queen, immediately, the queen’s heels create an enormous effect in the British monarch.

Since high heels relate to the aristocracy, it has to faced with many up and down period in the European history. Only in the 1950s, high heels are truly back with the famous shoemaker, who is regarded as the inventor of modern shoes nowadays. They are including Roger Vivier, the French and Salvatore Ferragamo, an Italian.

At this point of time, both of them co-invented the stiletto shoes, at least 9cm in height and 5mm in diameter, has opened a new era for the high-heeled shoes.

But until now, we still do not know exactly whether Roger Vivier or Salvatore Ferragamo is the father of stiletto since 1935. The reason is because when Salvatore Ferragamo created the first sitletto in France, Roger Vivier also unveiled sitletto versions of his own as some Vera Wang shoes for elegant steps

Never before that high heel has developed as the present time. It also has more designs, styles and colors which individuals can feel free to pick up their most favorite one. The revolution is always done to create the perfect pair of high heels to make them more beautiful and convenient to women. That’s because high heel is the eternal love for women.

An intense love

Since the heels appeared, the notion of beauty and fashion for women has also been changed. They postulated agree that “They do not feel much confident when walking out the house without their heels“. This is the truth which is right at all times, in all circumstances.

For those who have watched the film Sex and the city, you may remember that Carrie – one character in the film has been very angry with the host of the party. The simple reason is because they do not allow her to wear high heel in this place. With the saying “Not wearing high heels means like you are wearing no clothes when walking on the street.”

Interestingly, this quote has become very famous for 80% women in this world. For women, high heels are part of their lives.

For women, whatever gives them the charming and feminine style is consider as the special things.
For women, whatever gives them the charming and feminine style is consider as the special things.

According to researches, high heels are very special because it helps them to add glamor up to 30%. Each of their stride on the heels have become the walk of pique. Therefore, even shoes took them a lot of money to spend on, even it may create problems related to the feet or knee when wearing shoes regularly, women still love high heels.

Different types of high heels in the market

  • Stiletto: Considered as one of the greatest inventions in the high heels history. This type of stiletto is measured from 5 – 25cm. The advantage of this type of shoe is strong, easy to combine with different costumes.
  • Kitten: Less than Stiletto. Also the heel is slender measured from 3.5 – 4,75cm. In term of design, Kitten heels will form a slight curve from the connecting point between the back heel of the shoe.

Kitten is one style that Audrey Hepburn love to wear for her daily activities. If you love this design, then you should not miss out those 8 Best Kitten heels shoes in 2016 with colorful designs

  • Cone: Cone heels is one type which the part connected to the body is the biggest. This shoe has varied heights in term of measurement. Different-types-of-high-heels-in-the-market
  • Wegde: Wegde soles create a thick form that connect a seamless block from the heel to the front of the shoe. This type creates the convenient and feminine style when combining with dress or long skirt.
  • Pumps: Pump is known for sharp and high-heeled shoes. For the design, it embraces the foot and close at the top of the toes. Pump can appear with pointy or round toe shape. Pumps are the type of shoes which is preferred in most parties or special occasion.
  • Slingback: Has the design which is similar to the Pumps. However, the heel or ankle is exposed and balanced in place by straps of shoes. Slingback
  • Mary Jane: The type of sensible shoes appear with straps crossing the ankle. Mary Jane shoes are usually black and originally known as the uniform shoes at school for girls.

Increasingly, designers nowadays tend to refresh and bring a new look which make this type of shoes become suitable not only for small girls, but teenagers and women as well. Let’s check out those Best Mary Janes Shoes in adorable design to make sure you have already own those styles.

  • Peep Toes: Also known as the open-toe shoes.
  • Cap Toes : The shoe is decorated with pieces of metal or other materials on the toe design of the shoes.

For some people, they are not interested in knowning more about one type of product or just the simple accessory, just take on then wear on your clothes. However, having a basic knowledge is cooler when you can express with friends and other colleague. It also reveals that you have an eye on fashion as well. And don’t forget to keep track with to get more tips for combining the shoes with your daily outfit.