Men and indispensable accessories for their outfit


Based on various researches, women often reveal that the element they usually base on to define the exquisite fashion of gentlemen is through the decorative accessories individuals wear when going out with friends. However, due to the unawareness of fashion taste, some men do not know how to make a perfect combination between outfit and accessory. As a result, it will ruin the performance towards surrounding people.

Men-and-indispensable-accessories-for-their-outfitThere are a lot of women say that: “If you want to know whether this man has an exquisite fashion taste or not, just look at the accessories he is wearing”.

For some people, they still know how to dress profesionally and fashionably which is considered as the innate tastes; however, knowing the method for mixing the accessory is still a challenge for achieving a perfect appearance. Although accessories are the final details put on the costume, the first element which grabs the attention of customers is the overall performance. So let’s read some tips on combining the things accurately and intelligently.

Not only women are the one who love dressing themselves with personal items, men nowadasy also have this perspective as well. In fact, accessories are indispensable accessories which cannot be missed out in the wish-list since they represent their interests, passions and the fashionable style.

1. Ties

Knowing tie is the basic accessory for any gentleman, but not everyone has an exquisite taste to choose a suitable tie for their recent outfit. For people who have known, choosing a tie can either make you become more attractive when standing in the crowd or bring a disadvantage result contrasted to the previous one.

1-TiesFirstly, you need to measure the width of the tie you are going to purchase. There are 3 types of tie for men including:

  1. Skinny
  2. Slim
  3. Standard

In term of tie, the principle for wearing it is very easy.

  • If you often wear suit or clothes which fit perfectly onto your body, then combine with skinny or slim tie not only synchronizes the performance, but also makes you look more elegant.
  • If you are in the age of 30 or older, choosing the standard tie would be an ideal option for men who prefer the traditional fashion style.
  • For teenagers and boys, combining the tie with eye-catching T-shirt or hoodies is also considered as one of the best ideas.

Remember: When wearing the tie, it is important to pay closed attention to the folded part between your neck and body. A beautifully fitted tie is known to have about 2 folded located sseparatedly from the tie itself.

2. Watch

There is nothing unprofessional than combining a sporty or digital watch with one elegant and formal suit. According to some experts, this situation seems like the person is destroying the entire set of their clothes. Therefore, one person is known to dress exquisitely when they knowing how to combine between the clothes and accessories, especially the watches that we have mentioned.

2-WatchIf you just think about using watches as one additional accessory for your entire outfit, then you need to check out the way to choose men’s watches under the circumstances?

You can wear a mechanical or a quartz watch. But never wear a digital watch when wearing formal clothes for the important occasions. In term of quartz watch, choosing silver chrome color reveals a luxury and respective appearance from most types of suits.

3. The messenger bag

Just when hearing from the very first time, the name speaks out loud the history of itself when being known as one popular accessory of the postmen in the past. Usually made of canvas and fabric material those Best leather messenger bags for men are now being innovated into a whole new level in this modern fashion world.

From the schoolboy with cloth bags to the professional men who are using the messenger bags made of premium leather, this nostalgia style brings along the elegant performance from the past, but also the exquisite taste in this recent fashion trend.

3-The-messenger-bagTips for combining the messenger bag:

To bring the healthy and youthful appearance as usual, the messenger bag will enhance its intense beauty when mixing with the liberal and comfortable streetstyle.

If you want to refresh a new appearance with this vintage appearance, then T-shirt, plaid shirt and jeans, leather jacket and baseball jacket seem to be the common keyword you can consider to combine with

Do not forget one pair of sneaker shoes, desert boots or beanie hats, they will make you look more stylish and professional.

4. Glasses

Wearing a pair of sunglasses is known to provide the powerful weapon that flutters a great number of women.Beneficially, those glasses not only help men reveal their personal style towards surrouding people, but protects the eyes from dangerous x-ray as well.


  • There are a huge number of different types of the glasses, so you can make a choice of any glasses that you want. But, you should remember that choosing the glasses has to depend on your style.
  • If you choose your glasses and you do not focus on your style, you may be out of date and the glasses do not fit your style from the clothes to the accessories.
  • Besides the fashion function, it can have the ability to protect your eyes from the negative effects of the sun’s rays.


From those suggestions above, hopefully individuals especially modern men now have a general awareness about how to combine their outfit with one particular accessory. And it is better that you equip yourself with almost all of those products above. If you are wondering that you can not find a perfect and modern gout fashion for yourself, will surely be a ideal address for you to find more information about particular product or even some cool tips to dress formally on special occasions.