The useful golf bag buying guide for individuals


Among various outdoor activities, golfing is becoming popular with individuals around the world, especially who have the high status and position in the society. This sport not only allows you to practice your mind after those hard-working days, but have more chances when interacting with other people.


Playing golf requires individuals to prepare the good gears including the golf bags when consider among some best lastest bag 2016. Since golf bags are designed based on different styles and purposes of playing, choosing to pick up one bag may get individuals become overwhelmed. This golf bag buying guild will show you different types of bags and how to pick up the proper one.

How to make a good deal?

Obviously, one drawback when individuals want to enjoy their own games is that they have to bring up the high quality gears. Since individuals often choose the gears based on their interest and needs, then it would be difficult to pick up the proper one.

If you pick up the low quality bags, they tend to appear annoyed smell or full of water after long time using. For worst, the quality is more likely to reduce through the time being which requires individuals to purchase a new one. These types of bag below will offer you with the advantages and limitation for you to consider.

Types of golf bag

1. Pencil bag or Sunday bags

This is one type of carrying golf bag, and it is also known as the Sunday bag. These bags offer the light-weight feature even though individuals have brought along lots of gears inside the bag. To illustrate, it was designed with 6 inches diameter top which allows you to hold roughly 14 clubs.


Since it is very light which allows individuals to bring during the sunny days; then those who intend to play some short games can choose this one, even the beginners. However, you should not use this golf bag during the rainy seasons because it does not offer the waterproof feature.

2. Stand bag

One interesting feature that often makes individuals pick up this bag is that it has two retractable legs for standing still on the ground.


Mentioning about the design, these legs can be extended out easily so that people can find it more comfortable to pick up their clubs. When you tend to go back home, this stand bag’s legs can be retracted and laid snug close to the body of this bag.

However, the important thing is that you need to check carefully the bags and legs when purchasing from the store. To illustrate, the quality of stands will have a huge impact in designing whether it can stand effectively over the wind or not. If you are interest in this style, do not hesitate to invest in a little money since this brings lots of useful features.

3. Cart bag

When having a cart bag, individuals may thing that it is designed for storing the golf cart or other buggies. This style is often chosen by most modern women since they prefer to push on the trolley rather than holding the bag to every corner of the golf yard.


Fortunately, a cart bag allows individuals to keep their clubs well organized thanks to various rooms and pockets. In addition, one cart bag is more rigid compared to the carry bag. In term of materials, a cart bag often requires individuals to invest more money since it was made of high quality and sturdy materials.

4. Travel bag

In fact, most of individuals often love to travelling to outdoor places and practicing golfing. Then this style of golf bag is designed to fulfill this needs. You can wrap your normal golf bag when traveling with this large padded cover.


In the market, this bag comes with various designs and quality. When you pick up the thick materials, it seems to make you feel heavy when moving; however, the protection for all the clubs inside is extremely great. In contrast, choosing a light weight one is not a big deal, however, individuals must pay closer attention when moving around for limiting the breakage or scratches.

5. Various functions of golf bag

As mentioned above, golf bag is designed with various types to help you pick up the proper one for the playing process. In fact, there are various features which are different on the golf bag to help you decide purchasing a proper one.

Compartments – In term of construction, the compartments are often designed as the top opening of one bag. Since those compartments do not extend for the whole body of the bad, the clubs will stay separated when putting inside

Umbrella holder – This compartment is designed for holding the umbrella in case it may rain

Towel Loop – For most golf bags, they offer the towel ring which allows individuals to hang on their towel without having to put back into the bag. This helps release the sweat and annoyed smell when you hang on your towel outside the bag.


Overall, people now choose to pick up the high quality gears which help contribute effectively to the success of outdoor activities they are playing. Similar to golf bag, pick up the proper one not only helps you feel comfortable when playing, but lengthens the lifespan of your clubs as well. Therefore, with those information above, hopefully individuals can choose to pick one golf bag to fulfill all the needs.