Tips on cleaning a leather bag


The first thing to remember if you are interested in how to clean a leather bag is that the upkeep and cleaning should be done on a regular basis, not just occasionally. Remember, too, that the procedure for how to clean a leather bag is the same for small handbags and shoes as it is for larger leather items. There is no doubt that individuals need to keep in mind some useful tips on cleaning a leather bag.

Basic tips:

You will need a soft cloth to remove all surface dust and particles before you begin to clean the bag or other materials made of leather.

Use a dry cloth; do not use water.

Tips on cleaning a leather bag

Tips on cleaning finished leather

The option for how to clean a leather bag that is made of finished leather is similar except you would use a soft damp cloth, not a dry one, and lather it with a moisturizing soap, such as Caress.

-Rub the lather onto the leather without getting the leather too wet.

-Then wipe the soap off with another damp soft cloth.

-Do not rinse. Let it dry naturally

-When it is fully dry, apply a coat of protective materials for your leather, such as mink oil, on it.

Tips on removing stains

-For salt stains: Mix three parts white vinegar to one part water, moisten a soft cloth in the solution and dab it on.

-If gum is stuck on the leather: Rub ice in a plastic bag over it, and pull it off.

-For mildew: Mix a cup of rubbing alcohol and a cup of water and moisten a soft cloth in the mixture. Wipe on the mildew and let it air dry.

-Grease stains: These will be removed by blotting the stain with a clean soft cloth, sprinkling it with talcum powder or cornstarch and letting it stay on for four hours or more. Wipe off the powder.

Tips on removing stains

General tips on cleaning leather bags

1) If you have never been informed the way to clean a leather bag, remember always to test. Before using any product on the leather, test it first. On a leather handbag in general, test it in a hidden place such as underneath or near a bottom seam. This way you will be able to tell if the product you are using will not change the appearance by darkening it, for instance.

2) There are many instant leather cleaning products on the market. There are also some that are one-step cleaners with both the cleaner and preservatives in them. So if you are time-constrained, you may want to look into these.

General tips on cleaning leather bags

Above are all the typical tips on cleaning a leather bag individuals should keep in mind before getting your bag done. If you don’t have any necessary knowledge about how to remove your handbag from stains or dust, don’t rush as you somehow make your accessory look worse. In those cases, it is a good advice to read through our tips which have been shown for you.