What does the way of bringing bags reveal about you?


It does not matter whether it is the shoulder bag or the handbag, the woman’s bag not only used for bringing the personal items, but also revealing a lot about individuals’ personality, according to a famous expert who is specialized in body language in America.

Kathlyn Hendricks, 67 years old, an expert in body language and also an author of the bestselling book “Conscious Loving Ever After,” had revealed that the ways women carry bags when going out or participate in the event can says a lot about their character. And although there are many ways for carrying the handbag, Hendricks analysis only focuses on 6 ways to wear the most common types of bags, including shoulder bags, backpacks and tote bags (a huge bag with its compartments opened)

1. Holding the bag in hand

When participating in a formal event, women tend to bring along the small handbag on their hand. However, Hendricks have stated that:


  • When someone choose to bring a small handbag, they want to emphasize the elegant and the feminine style of the women. Although these small stuffs are not big enough to get attention from others, they can make individuals recognize the beauty of your posture and even the handbag as well.
  • In contrast, when women choose a larger size bag, including the bag with huge size and flat design, it means that they want to draw attention of surrounding people about what they are doing.


From the picture, the actress Diane Kruger, 39 years old, appear when holding the handbag when walking on the red carpet. Meanwhile, Kendall Jenner who is a 19 years old supermodel, also appeared on the streets of Los Angeles holding one handbag on her hand all the time. And according to Ms. Hendricks, these two famous women are inadvertently remind the surrounding people, including the paparazzi, that they pay serious attention to their career.


2. Holding the pocket on their elbow

Another way for bringing handbags is that women tend to wear in the elbow hook. According to Hendricks experts, this way reveals a sign for individuals who are focusing on both the “status and position”.

“At this moment, the woman are basically ignoring the other tasks on the arm to focus on carrying the bag. She apparently told everyone around that they do not need to use both 2 hands when moving from one location to another. It’s like turning back in time to the past, when a woman’s luggage is often carry by other people, “she explains.


On the other hand, when a woman carrying her bags choosing this way, this also means that she is trying to show off her bag. For people who have not understand, bag is a symbol of status or property which enhance the characteristics and unique reputation of one individual.


3. Wear bags on their shoulders and keep them pressed to the body

Besides some ways above, some girls and women nowadays tend to wear the shoulder bag then keep it closer to their body. When the women wearing a bag on her shoulder and keeping it close, researches have showed that these people are controlled by other centers or group of people.


Take a deeper look, women who are wearing the bags followed this way also focus on the comfort when making movements, rather than showing off the property or unique characteristics, Hendricks explains.

4. Wearing a shoulder bag and let it swing freely


According to Ms. Hendricks, the woman who are wearing a shoulder bag but allow them swinging freely, are often not pay too much attention on the appearance of the bags towards the point of view of surrounding people.

Instead, they want to carry the bag which brings the convenience and versatile feeling when hanging outside the house. To illustrate, these women also focus on the function or utility rather than just paying attention to the appearance of people.

5. Wearing horizontal cross body bag with front pockets

5.-Wearing-horizontal-cross-body-bag-with-front-pockets-When a woman wearing the bag across their body and keep it in front of their body, these women are often more discreet, cautious, or they are often embarrassed when talking with other people. Hendricks also shows that this way is relatively common found in celebrities when they are facing the paparazzi during everyday activities or attending the event.

6. Wearing horizontal cross body bag, but keep the bag at the back

The women who wear the bag in this way are often not focus on how they look at the time of being caught. On the other hand, it also shows that they just pick up one bag at random since they are too hurry or busy focusing on other tasks.


This way is often caught from individuals who rarely bring too many things when going out. They appear to surrounding people as the basic and simple one.

7. Do not carry bags

As usual, every woman also bring the bags when going out for bringing along all the essential things. However, you will come up with some who do not bring any things when going out, except the smartphones. To illustrate, this is a special type of woman who often show off their confidence. Hendricks also state that these women tend to depend on assistant to have more leisure time.


Among various accessories, handbag plays an important role in the outfit of women every day. These bags not only allow you to bring along the essentials, but emphasize the feminine posture of women and girls as well. For most people who have not known, they often confuse about the way of bringing bags reveal about you? However, wearing the bags also reveals the personality and characteristics of individuals. This article will help you understand more about the unique personality.


  1. This is such a fun and interesting read! I tend to carry my bags either like 2 & 3. The bags that I tend to carry around my elbow are often ones that don’t come with a strap, just a structured satchel, which kind of forces me to hold it that way. Being raised a New Yorker, I would never carry my purse as shown in #1 because that’s just an invitation to a thief to come rob my purse, haha! When I’m walking on the streets, I will usually carry a purse with a strap, so I can carry it close to my body like in #3, while holding the strap tight. If I’m just going to an event or dinner, I opt for #2. Thanks so much for sharing and I really like the whole idea behind your blog, centering around purses, so unique! Have a wonderful day 🙂